Why do you need friends and likes on Facebook

The activity of the Facebook account and its «human face», which distinguishes a live page from fakes and bots, is determined by various indicators:

Facebook likes;
the number of friends and subscribers;
the number and nature of outgoing subscriptions to groups and pages of other users;
the degree of filling the account with personal data;
real photo on the avatar;
the presence of non-advertising copyright posts and the frequency of their posting.

All this data is carefully analyzed by advertisers. It is from them that it is determined whether the page is suitable for placing promotional materials. Popular people can earn decent money from paid post placements, more on facebook page likes.

Why do you need friends and likes on Facebook

One of the most important indicators of account activity is likes and friends. Advertisers rely on them when choosing a placement site.

Likes indicate only the popularity of your content and the presence of visitors on the page. Whereas a huge list of friends contributes to the wide distribution of posts that are published in their news feeds. However, not all of them can be active. When buying a placement, it is very important to track the dynamics of actions over time.

Friends and Likes on Facebook

One way or another, both friends and likes are necessary to popularize content, promote a page and improve its visibility in search. All these parameters help to increase the attractiveness of the account in the eyes of advertisers.

Cheat likes

Likes are an extremely important parameter for page promotion. But no matter how interesting your content is, it is not yet a fact that it will be massively «liked». At least until at least a dozen users do this, and then everything happens automatically, the «viral effect» turns on.

Why this is so is difficult to say. Even if you really like a photo or video, but there is not a single “Like!” Mark under them, people will not rush to express their emotions. They are more willing to like the posts of their real (not wound up) friends and acquaintances, or by joining the general opinion (thirty users liked it, so it means me too).

But waiting for someone to deign to like it can be too long and sometimes pointless. It is safer and faster to «nudge» users to perform this action a little.
Friends and Likes on Facebook

Facebook likes boost for free

Various exchange services offer free cheat. Here you need to complete tasks of users of social networks (subscriptions, comments, reposts, adding to friends, etc.) and pay with earned points for putting likes on your posts.

This method has a serious drawback: to get more likes, you have to complete a lot of tasks that can lower the performance of your own account. Mass subscriptions to questionable groups outside of your core interests and conflicting content can hurt you. The same as reposts with comments of «left» content from fake pages. What can we say about the transitions of users to your page from the black service. Even the very fact of registration in it can become the basis for getting a ban.

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